Team Store

Create the store for your team and your fans

Team Store it's a place only where you can make simple e fast the purchase of clothing and merchandising for your team.
You will earn points for every € spent by users to purchase your products, you can use the points as a discount on future orders from the Team.

We will take care of everything, we will help you create your product design, upload it to the Team Store, we will handle orders and shipments.

How does it work?

Follow the instructions below to join.

Contact us

Send us a request using the form at the bottom of the page.


Create your product and upload it with the help of our graphics department.


You are ready to start selling your products and accumulating points.

Terms and conditions

ATTENTION: to load a product you must do the first purchase (of at least 1 piece) of the same product, which will also be useful as a reference sample for subsequent orders placed by users on the site.

The offer is valid for all Teams, Clubs or Teams who decide to join and does not include any restrictions.

If you already have a graphic sketch, attach it to your request, if you don't have it and you want to create something from scratch, you may be required to purchase a "Super Design Pack"

It will be possible to decide to leave users the freedom to customize some elements such as name, nickname or number.

To load a product you need to do the first purchase (of at least 1 piece) of the same product, which will also be useful as a reference sample for subsequent orders placed by users on the site.

The products recommended and suitable for the Team Store are those without minimum order, like the model X-Shirt or Kit Universe.
It is not possible to load products with a minimum order on the Team Store, unless you want to create a warehouse by pre-purchasing the minimum order necessary for production (generally 10 pieces).

After confirming the graphics and placing the first order (min.1 piece) we will carry out the following operations:

  • Creation of a page dedicated to your Team with direct link on the "Team Store";
  • Upload of the product (s) on the site;

Every € 10 spent by users to buy your products from Team Store (excluding shipping costs) you will earn 1 point.
Each point earned will turn into 1 €, it will then be possible to use them as a discount to be applied to future orders by the Team.

Here is an example:
the product you decide to load on Team Store has a cost of € 35, so for each product sold you will earn 35 points.
After 1 month from the loading of the product, you decide to use the points accumulated to place an order for your Team, in a month a total of 20 products were sold for a total of 700 €, so the points balance will correspond to 70 (700: 10 ).
As a result, you can enjoy a 70 € discount on your next order.

In short, the concept to keep in mind is that the more your Fans buy, the more your Team will save.

Points can only be accumulated for purchases made on through the Team Store and they don't have a deadline.
The Rewards program and any discounts derived therefrom cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions, nor are they transferable.

To find out how much your points balance is you can send an email to, our costumer care will send you a report with the summary of sales in the specified period.

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