Protective mask made of a three-layer fabric with “Water Repellent” external anti-water treatment.
The internal membrane stops the entry of external air by isolating the mouth and nose from the contamination of the external environment while allowing good perspiration. The elastic bands allow the mask to adhere to the shape of the face.

The mask is available in 2 sizes, adult and child from 3 to 12 years.

#Eco friendly
The materials used for manufacturing the masks guarantee durability over time, for an unlimited washing cycle.
The mask is reusable, this allows not to produce a "disposable" non-disposable waste with attached environmental damage.
The purchase of a J MASK-01 involves savings comparable to the purchase of 10 or more traditional surgical masks that should be thrown away after each use.

- It's not a "surgical medical device", Nor a"personal protective equipment (PPE)".
- Wash before use as it is not sterilized.
- Unlimited washing cycles.
- The protective screen is reusable and can be washed at 40 ° with soap and disinfectant or can be sanitized in an autoclave.

This product was designed, printed and packaged in Italy. ??

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Polyester 93%
polyurethane 7%

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Delivery in 7 working days?


With external anti-water treatment "Water Repellent".


It allows breathability and insulation at the same time.


Washable at 40 ° with soap and disinfectant or autoclavable.

Create your own custom mask!

You can do this by ordering a minimum of 50 pieces!
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