Kit Soccer Evolution

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Kit Soccer Evolution

51,64 - 56,46

Minimum order 10 pieces

≥ 10 pieces: choose up to 3 sizes;
≥ 20 pieces: choose up to 4 sizes;
≥ 30 pieces: free choice;

Kit football customizable, consisting of mesh (with V-neck) and shorts, it is possible to add socks for adult size 41-46 (EU Size).
Guarantees the best performance in the field thanks to the Breathable fabric with "Dry Quick System", theelasticity makes your uniform even more resistant to rubbing and offers a unique comfort.
Finishes with elasticated edges.

Read carefully before ordering:

• It absolutely is forbidden insert logos and brands protected by copyright and related satires or parodies, or vulgar and inappropriate customizations, read ours guidelines>;
• I JERSIX® logos must always be visible and in contrast, we reserve the right to change the color of our logos if necessary (without notice);
• It is not possible to customize i socks or place logos and lettering on the collar.
• It is not possible to keep a graphic continuity between seams (for example if you wanted to place a logo in correspondence with the seam on the side it will not be possible to do so because it would be cut in half).
• Carefully read in the sections below all the limitations relating to order minimums and sizes.

This product has a minimum order of 10 pieces*.

≥ 10 pieces: choose up to 3 sizes;
≥ 20 pieces: choose up to 4 sizes;
≥ 30 pieces: free choice;

* It is possible to create color variants after reaching the minimum order (keeping the same graphics). The minimum order also applies to any future reorders, it is always advisable to order a few more spare units.

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urgencies or mandatory deliveries, please contact us before placing your order.

This product is made in Print on Demand, it is a sustainable sales model, in which a product is not made until an order is received, avoiding inventories and therefore waste.

This method allows the Customization of a product by ordering even small quantities, it also helps manage availability as we can reprint your order over time how many times you want.
For this reason your order will not be delivered in a few days but in a few weeks, your wait will be rewarded by the final result.

Approximate delivery between 03/07/2023 - 20/07/2023

Kit Evolution

Fit: Custom Fit
The shirt (V-collar) has a tapered and slim shape that adapts to the body without being wide, the shorts are more abundant and comfortable, this type of combination guarantees an extraordinary feeling on the playing field.
Possibility to add socks in adult size, size 41-46 (EU Size).

Materials: 90% Polyester - 10% Elastane
The fabric perforated ed elasticized it is composed of a fiber that makes the garment soft, breathable and light, which enhances the colors of the prints. In addition, with the "Dry Quick System" technology your skin breathes better, maintaining a feeling of freshness.

Print Quality:
We use the technique digital sublimation of high quality and resolution, a high temperature process that colors the fibers of the garment, for this reason the print does not fade and does not wear out.
We use ecological water-based inks, this sustainable choice allows us to make prints with bright colors, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Washing instructions:
Machine wash at 30 ° or by hand, delicate wash, do not tumble dry. Always check the label.

Fabric (200gr)

Polyester 90%
elastane 10%

Size chart

Compare the measurements you see in the table with a garment of your size that you already own.
Spread it out on a flat surface, take the measurements as indicated by the arrows and choose the size that's right for you.

Not sure about the size? You can order a sample for viewing before ordering: Request Samples

Made in Italy

This model is designed, printed and packaged in Italy.



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