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How does it work

You can do this in two ways:

Configurator(you do it on the site)
Super Design(have our Designers do it)

With our configurator you can customize your uniform by yourself. Change the colors, add logos, sponsors, numbers, names. Create your team's player list and buy directly on the site!

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With the "Super Design” You can ask our graphic department for a completely customized design, just as you imagine it! Fill out the application form and receive your preview.
If your request involves the creation of graphics or files to be optimized for printing, the purchase of one or more packages of "Super Design".
If you already have a graphic sketch suitable for printing, we will create for free the digital preview applied to the chosen model and we will make the last adjustments and changes before printing.

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All of our custom products are printed in Sublimation (Sublimation).

This technique allows us an extraordinary ability to customize the 100% of the fabric.

The Sublimation print is pigmented on the fabric, so it will be smooth to the touch and there will be no embossed prints, in this way for example logos, numbers and writings they will not get damaged or come off over time.


If you have requested a "Super Design” We will send you a preview in the 48 h subsequent to sending the request. The times are valid during working days (Monday-Friday), holidays and weekends excluded.

From the time of payment of your order, on average it will take approximately 3 / 5 weeks for the production.

You will find an estimate of the delivery date directly on the product page or during checkout.

Times vary depending on the season:
• January-April> 15/30 days
• May-August> 20/30 days
• September-December> 25/40 days

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Remember that the production process includes several complex phases connected to each other, to receive a product of surprising quality and customized as you want it will be necessary to wait the necessary time.

When production is complete and the package containing your order is delivered to the courier, it will take 24 / 48 hours for delivery in Italy, 48/72 hours for the EU and 3/5 days for non-EU shipments.

Islands and hard-to-reach areas are excluded from these times.

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Custom products come created entirely from us from the moment you place your order.

This means that we do not already have everything ready, but we have to: cut the fabrics, prepare the print files, print the paper for sublimation, transfer the print to the fabric, sew all the elements that make up the product, carry out the quality control, packaging and finally shipping.
As you may have noticed, the to-do list for each individual product is very long, which is why a longer waiting period is required than for a ready-made product.

So you will have to wait a little bit but it is worth it because the result will be unique, inimitable and of quality!

Minimum Quantities

The minimum order varies from the type of product chosen, for most of them the minimum order is 10 pieces.
In some products (eg. X-Shirt) you will find a symbol or a wording "No Minimum order", in this case there are no minimum orders and it will be possible to order even just one piece!

The minimum order is also valid for any future reorders, it is always advisable to order some additional spare units when ordering.

In some products (eg. X-Shirt) you will find a symbol or a wording "No Minimum order", in this case there are no minimum orders and it will be possible to order even just one piece!


We accept payment by credit card, it will be handled safely by Stripe.

Or through PayPal you have the option to pay in installments (not for all countries), by credit card or PayPal balance, registration is not required.

With Sofort instead you can do a Bank Transfer (for some countries only).

Or use Satispay to receive discounts and cashback on the transaction!

It will be necessary to communicate the following data: Name, Surname, Address, Tax Code.
For companies, in addition to the complete company name, the unique SDI code is required.

Of course, it is possible to re-order the same product. Keep in mind that you will have to respect the minimum order related to the product even during re-orders (usually 10 pieces).

You can request the "LOW RE-ORDER" service which allows you to re-order without respecting the minimums, a sample flat rate will be applied. Keep in mind that the management and production costs under 10 pieces are very high, so don't expect the same price as your order.
If you want to request it send us an email.

Consider that in case of re-order it will not be possible to guarantee the exact reproduction of colors compared to previous productions.

You can order one or more samples to try the sizes and evaluate the quality of the product.
Tell us the model you are interested in and possibly one or more preferred sizes.
The graphics on the product will be random or neutral depending on availability in stock.

Once the samples have been evaluated and tested, you will need to inform us of your availability to collect them for return to the premises. Samples can remain with the customer for a maximum period of 15 days, If you wish to extend the trial period, you must notify us by email or telephone. In case of non-collection, the costs of the non-returned samples and any penalty will be charged.

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If the product that was delivered to you has serious defects or does not clearly reflect the preview you have confirmed, do not worry, we are always available to be able to transform a possible disappointment into a masterpiece. Fill out the order dispute form clicking here.

An order can be canceled, but only in the following cases:

1. If the status of your order is in "processing”, You can cancel your order within 2 hours of confirmation or from payment.

2. If the status of your order is in "processing"But more than 2 hours have passed, you can send a cancellation request to indicating your order number, our operators will check the status of the order and if it is not already at an advanced stage we can cancel it.
In this case a percentage equal to 10% of the total amount of the order will be withheld relating to the costs of managing your order.

If your order is already in a more advanced stage of processing (production, shipment, completed, etc ...) it will not be possible to cancel the order.

For more information on the status of your order you can go to the section "my account"Or contact us.

Technical information

All of our custom products are printed in Sublimation (Sublimation).

This technique allows us an extraordinary ability to customize the 100% of the fabric.

The Sublimation print is pigmented on the fabric, so it will be smooth to the touch and there will be no embossed prints, in this way for example logos, numbers and writings they will not get damaged or come off over time.

Logos must be sent in Vector (svg, ai, eps, pdf). If you do not have the Vector file (ask the person who created the logo, they will surely have it) send Logos and images in the highest possible definition (300 dpi). If you send a low definition image we will not be able to guarantee optimal print quality.

We are also available to improve or redo the logos to be applied to your uniform. Our fee is € 25,00 for each improved logo or image.

Of course, being specialized in graphics and design this is part of our daily bread. For the realization there is a fixed fee of € 50,00.

On the page of the product you want to buy there are always the precise measurements in centimeters of the product so that you can easily compare them.

For example if you want to buy a t-shirt:
take one of your favorite shirts from the closet and lay it out on a flat surface, measure the shirt as indicated in our chart and compare the measurements with the chart, the size that will come closest will match your size!

If you cannot find your size or if you have any doubts, please contact us.
Remember you can always order a test sample to test the quality and try the sizes.

You can also find generic references to sizes clicking here, consider that these are generic advice and do not exactly correspond to everyone's needs, always refer to the specific table on the page relating to the product you want to buy.

It is a type of printing that allows for infinite graphic possibilities, also increasing the technical quality of the garment. Printing takes place by transferring the color pigment directly onto the fabric through sublimation. This allows to keep the characteristics of the fabric unaltered, such as resistance, elasticity and transpiration, unlike other types of printing. Moreover, since the color is imprinted in the fabric, you will not see logos that are damaged or that come off after a while, everything remains unchanged for a very long time!

You can add color variations to your order in products where possible (for example the goalkeeper in football or free in volleyball).
First add the main product to the cart, then add the color variant as well.
Remember to fill in the list of names, numbers and sizes for each variant.
The color variants can be ordered after reaching the minimum order with the first variant.
Watch this short illustrative video, watch the video ▹

During the printing and sewing phase there may be problems in the continuity between the parts of the model sewn together and the respective graphics if connected together. To avoid this type of problem we use some solutions to break the graphics and still create a great effect. If a solution is not possible, we will notify you of the problem.

We are sure you will like the final result more than the preview. In any case, the final result will have a maximum tolerance of 15% compared to the preview. For technical reasons, the positions and dimensions of the graphic elements may vary slightly to distance them from the seams and proportion them to the various sizes. The color of commercial products (such as socks) will have a slightly different shade from the printing colors (the difference can already be seen in the preview).

From the realization of the model, to the Design up to the packaging; we are proud to carry out and control all production processes directly on the Italian territory.


The creation of a "Super Design"Has a low cost to allow everyone to create something unique, click here to find out the current price.
Buying the package of Super Design it is required in cases where a graphic elaboration by our graphic department is required.
In case you provide us with a sketch in vector format or in a format suitable for printing, our graphic designers will create for free the digital preview of the chosen product by applying your graphics, and making the latest adjustments and changes if required.

All our products are available on the site and the prices are always updated, you can find everything in the section SHOP or by searching in the category SPORT.

If you are looking for a product that you cannot find on the site contact us, we are often able to provide you with what you are looking for!

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Rates vary depending on the country of destination, add the products to the cart and calculate the shipping costs to get an accurate estimate.

To receive one or more test samples, payment of the between fee will be requiredsportor return of our courier, you can find all the information and book your samples by clicking below:

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