Delivery times

How long does it take to receive a custom order?

Production times are the result of a complicated process, which is why the timing is rough (therefore not guaranteed) and varies based on the period in which you placed your order, they are usually about 30 days.

For each product you can find the approximate timing delivery times updated in real time. Just go to the page of the product you want to order and read the box under the "Add to Cart“, you will also find this information during checkout and in the order confirmation email!

We are always working to speed up our service, we know how important it is to be able to wear your creation in the shortest possible time.

Production Processes

Production includes different phases, we will illustrate them better to help you understand what happens after placing the order.

1) processing: your order is forwarded to the graphics department which will check that the files sent and the graphics are correct. After a careful check they will process your order file to prepare it for printing.

2) Queues: the order is placed in the production queue together with all the other orders, the waiting times vary according to the number of orders received in the current season.


3) Print: now it's your turn, we can proceed with the printing of your custom graphic and transfer it to the fabric pieces.

4) Tailoring: after printing, the pieces of fabric are sent to the sewing department. Your product takes shape and soon you can wear it.

5) Check: once all the previous phases have been passed, your order is carefully examined and checked in our operations center. If everything is ok, we are ready to ship!


When production is completed and the package containing your order will be delivered to the courier, the following times will be required (indicatively) based on the delivery area:

• Italy: 1-3 (working days);
• EU: 2-5 (working days);
• Extra EU: 3-7 (working days);

In some cases it is possible to opt for one Express shipping with delivery in approximately 15 days applying a surcharge, if you are interested contact us.

Customs duties

For countries outside the EU it will be required (in most cases) to pay the tariff and customs duties that change according to the country of destination. These charges will be a customer charge who will eventually be contacted by customs to clear the package. For any additional information please contact us.


Please note that our working method means that for every order we receive, a complete production process.

Each product is made from the beginning starting from a roll of fabric, more than 30 steps are required to finish a product and each one requires extreme care and therefore time.

Furthermore, the main motivation that determines the timing is the production queue.
But what is it about? In practice, together with your order there are hundreds of other orders to manage which precisely follow a sequence based on the confirmation date, so before your order begins the real production phase, it can even take a few weeks.

Arm yourself with patience and remember that this process will allow you to wear a unique uniform made just for you!

We cannot accept priority requests because if we give precedence to an order, all the others will be delayed, so in fairness to all customers we cannot do it.

In any case, if the timing of the period allows it, keeping the production queue unchanged, we will be happy to deliver your order for a specific date.

If, on the other hand, you need to receive your order in a short time and for a precise date, you can use the service Express production.
But how does it work?
We have created a fast production line that allows us to deliver an order in about 15 days, even less if possible. Being a dedicated production line this will not create delays on other orders.

The Express service is not free, it involves a surcharge calculated on the total order.
If you want to request it, all you have to do is contact us: CONTACT US>

We list below where you can find the approximate delivery times:

  • Before placing an order, in product page you want to buy, under the "Add to cart" button;
  • On the page of the Cart, under the product list;
  • On the page of Checkout, in the row above the total;
  • In confirmation email that you will receive after placing your order;
  • In your Account, in the orders section > view;

Remember that the times indicated are approximate (then not guaranteed) and may vary in the event of unforeseen events and production delays.

If you have requested changes or if you have requested payment by bank transfer, your order is put on standby until we receive your reply, after which the timing will be updated with new dates.