How does the Configurator work?


Change the colors

Change the main colors of your uniform, you can choose different colors for each element you see in the configurator (socks, collar, logos, numbers, names, etc ...). The list of colors that you can choose is designed and tested to make the most of the printing phase.

Add logos 

Add your emblem, a sponsor, a logo or an image in the spaces dedicated to upload, you can also write a custom text by selecting the right tool.
Remember that all the images you upload must have an optimal resolution for printing, in case of logos you should upload it in Vector format (SVG). Please, don't upload grainy logos or we won't be able to print them!

Numbers and Names

You can add the Custom Number and Name for your uniform. You can change its color and change the font. In case you do not want one of the two options or both, just delete the text in the dedicated areas.

Player List

Fill in the list with all the players of your team, for each of them you can change the number, name and size of the uniform. You will see all the changes in real time in the configurator.

Add Variants

Save the designs you create, you can reload them later to choose your favorites. Add color variations to your order in products where possible (eg goalkeeper in soccer or free in volleyball).
First add the main product to the cart, then add the color variant as well.
Remember to fill in the list of names, numbers and sizes for each variant.
The color variants can be ordered after reaching the minimum order with the first variant.



You can customize a product in two ways:

Configurator(you do it on the site)
Super Design(have our Designers do it)

The minimum order varies from the type of product chosen, for most of them the minimum order is 10 pieces.
For the model X-Shirt™ there are no minimum orders, you can even order just one!

The specialised farming model X-Shirt™ allows you to order your custom T-shirt without minimum order.
With this unique service you can order just one, or 100 if you prefer 🙂

Logos must be sent in Vector (svg, ai, eps, pdf). If you do not have the Vector file (ask the person who created the logo, they will surely have it) send Logos and images in the highest possible definition (300 dpi). If you send a low definition image we will not be able to guarantee optimal print quality.

If you have requested a "Super Design” We will send you a preview in the 48 h subsequent to sending the request. The times are valid during working days (Monday-Friday), holidays and weekends excluded.

From the moment your order is paid, it will take about 30 days for the production. Remember that the production process includes several complex phases linked together, will it be necessary to wait the necessary time to receive a product of surprising and personalized quality as you want?

When production is complete and the package containing your order is delivered to the courier, it will take maximum 48 hours for the delivery. Islands and hard-to-reach areas are excluded from this timing.

We are sure you will like the final result more than the preview. For technical reasons, the positions and dimensions of the graphic elements may vary slightly to distance them from the seams and proportion them to the various sizes. The color of commercial products (such as socks) will have a slightly different shade from the printing colors depending on the case (the difference can already be seen in the preview).

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