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Personalization = Personality

What you wear conveys what you are to others.
The importance of feeling mirrored in one's clothing prompted us to create a service that could allow everyone to create their own clothing. sportivo. The degree of customization we offer leads you to have an extraordinary freedom of choice to raise the personality of your garment to the highest level sportivo.


We make most of our products through "Print on Demand", it is a sustainable system in which a product is only made when we receive the order, avoiding inventories and therefore waste.
This method allows the Customization of a product by ordering even small quantities, it also helps manage availability as we can reprint your order over time how many times you want.
For this reason your order will not be delivered in a few days but in a few weeks, your wait will be rewarded by the final result.

Slow Fashion

Lo slow fashion it is a movement that promotes a sustainable production model and is an opposite concept to fast fashion.
Contrary to the practices of industrial fashion, slow fashion involves the craftsmen premises and the use of eco-friendly materials that they last over time, with the aim of preserving craftsmanship and the environment and ultimately providing value to both consumers and producers.


To create an excellent product, we start from Quality. The fabrics, the colors, the tools, the processes, the people, we have selected only the best to create what will be your new skin.

Clothing Design SportIvo Personalized Jersix


One of the aspects we particularly care about is the Design applied to each of our products. Our Team creative designer is best prepared to meet your every need, turning your idea into reality.

Jersix Customer Support


We are always ready to help you, for any doubt or any difficulty you may encounter during the creation process, ours Team will answer all your questions through convenient communication channels.

Made in Italy Jersix

Made in Italy

Our company was born in Italy by Italians, each process is managed, carried out and finished on our territory. "Made in Italy" means having all the bases for a quality product, and it also allows us to control each process at best.

Our project

Jersix is ​​a young and innovative project born from the experience and work in the textile and fashion sector from over 50 years.
The many years of experience acquired and the passion for it sport and customization has led us to believe in a technologically advanced and avant-garde project. Our goal is to merge all the knowledge acquired in a single project, aimed at the personal satisfaction of each individual customer.

A dedicated, simple, fast and quality service that allows you to create clothing sport100% customized Ivo.

We turn to companies sportive, amateur and amateur teams of any sport, team di eSports and also everything related to individuals sporttherein and daily activity.
In addition to this we have a wide range of customizable products suitable for companies, associations, events, promotional and much more.

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